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The late US Army Chaplain Lt. Colonel Retired, Rabbi Oscar Lifshutz was a man who had a job to do and did it with great fervor in a quiet and modest fashion. His journey began as a young committed Jew dedicated to the Jewish people and was highlighted, when stationed in Vienna, he was assigned to arrange for the disinterment of our Zionist Founder Theodore Herzl, his parents and his sister, in preparation of handing these coffins over to Israeli Army chief Rabbi Shlomo Goren. This event shaped the rest of Rabbi Lifshutz's life. Now he was an active participant in modern Zionist History. This alongside the monuments efforts he made on behalf of the survivors, helping them to rebuild their lives and assisting many in their quest to arrive in the new Modern Zionist State. His biography was translated into Hebrew and published by the World Zionist Organization with the assistance of family here in Israel on the life of Lt Col US Army chaplain Rabbi Oscar Lifshutz z"l. Once you start reading this book you cannot put it down.

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